Thursday, June 28, 2012

EDIT: Here's to Good News!

Doing pushups with my niece!
Finally, a losing week!  It felt really good to see a lower number on the scale this morning- especially after a weekend of debauchery down at OU- doing even a partial shuffle during Ohio Brew Week is rough.  Even splitting beers and not going to anywhere close to all the bars... It's rough.  That being said, we walked a lot.  And it was about 90º the whole time, so I got in a pretty good workout, even though my calorie intake was through the roof.  We had a really good time though, and all that splitting made TallBoy and I realize that during vacation- we're planning on splitting most of our meals!  What a great idea- save money and calories- no one needs to eat a full sized restaurant meal anyways.  Portion control at it's finest.  Plus we'll be walking a TON in DC, (not to mention it'll be about 1000º and 98% humidity) so hopefully I won't have a drastic gain over vacation.  But that's next month.  Lets talk about how I did this week:

This week: -.2 lbs (my -2.2 was way off)
This year: -2.6 lbs
Total: -12.2 lbs

Not quite where I wanted to be this year, but I'm okay with it.

On a totally unrelated note- it's my niece's birthday today!  She's two years old, and loves doggies and her Aunt Heather.  Yay birthdays!

Editor's Note, June 29, 2012- I weighed in on Thursday, June 28th, and was totally surprised by the number on the scale.  I know that sometimes and extra two pounds in either direction happens, and I usually know to treat it as an outlier and don't record it... especially in a blog post.  But I caved.  I was so excited.  Then, I weighed myself this morning, and while I was still a smidge below last week, it was no 2.2 lbs.  So, in an effort to keep myself honest, here's what really happened.  I lost .2 lbs.  It's something.   A little something, but it's fine.  It's not up, so I'm happy with that.  Here's to a successful weekend!

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