Friday, June 8, 2012


Buster's all "Mom, put down that donut!"
See how I've been doing my weigh-in's on Fridays lately?  It's because I'm trying desperately to not log my Thursday weights, because they've been too high.  I gained again this week and I know exactly why- my gym time has dropped lately and my food intake has gone up.  It's not really a surprise that I've logged gains the past two weeks, but it is disappointing.  Weekends tend to be really tough for me, especially during the summer.  I wish I could condition my brain into thinking that margaritas and guacamole DON'T taste awesome when you eat them on a patio.

I'll be hitting my Saturday groove class for the first time in like a month tomorrow- summer is so hard to squeeze in weekend workouts.  I'm pretty sure TallBoy and I have almost every weekend planned through the end of September.  I just gotta be better during the week- I've really been slacking in that department.  I did take a TRX class yesterday for the first time- HOLY COW it was so hard.  I'd love to continue taking those classes... but they're an extra $15 each, which is like half of my monthly gym membership alone.  I might try to start taking more weight classes soon.

I know all the tips/tricks to get through parties, etc- I'm just not actually applying them.  Here's hoping I can will power my way through this weekend.

This week: +.4 lbs
This year: -4.2 lbs
Total: -13.8 lbs

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