Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Secret to Weight Loss

via Say Something Posters
Proper nutrition and exercise.  I've known this for roughly forever, and yet- sometimes I guess we just need to be reminded.  If there was a magic pill with no side effects that let me eat whatever I wanted, and still lose weight?  I would totally take that.  But unfortunately, that does not exist.  So until that's invented and it doesn't turn us into zombies, I'll just stick with diet and exercise.  I got the reminder I needed last week when I met with my nutritionist that even though I'm at a calorie deficit during the week, and feeding my body right; the weekends are putting me over the top.  If three out of seven days are spent blowing through calories, the other four are just catch up days.  That's why I've been stagnant for so long. 

This past weekend I kept it (mostly) under control.  I still led my life, (went to a party on Friday) but exercised more over the weekend.  I ate fairly sensibly on Saturday and Sunday.  I know this upcoming weekend will be a challenge, but I'll be meeting it head on.  I've been sick all week and therefore haven't clocked enough exercise time.  That in and of its self will make this weekend harder, but I've been eating well all week and preparing mentally.  Again, this journey is about learning and making permanent changes- and I feel as though I've made a lot of good decisions for my health in the last year.

This week, I'm down, but didn't quite undo the damage I did the week before.  So here goes another week, fighting the good fight.

I'm adding in a new stat for my weekly weigh in- since I've been at this for over a year, I'm going to also log my weight loss stats for this year since my yearly weigh-in in January.

This week: -1.6 lbs
This year: -2.0 lbs
Total: -11.6 lbs


  1. "... this journey is about learning and making permanent changes ..."

    That is the key statement! Keep the focus on your goal, and remind yourself on the weekends that being healthy tastes better than that extra food.

    Good work!

    1. Thanks, Trevor! You keep up the good work too! You must be SO proud of yourself!!!