Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recommitting To My Goals, Part 2

Step Two: Start slow.

I have been trying to do this- focus on small increments of my main goal, instead of the full 20 lbs.  I've been going in 5 lb increments- maybe that's too much?  Maybe I should focus on the next two pounds.  It's hard to even think about the BIG finish line that's so far away, so I should be thinking the one that's in the (hopefully) near future.  Another two pounds.  That's a doable goal.  If you start out too fast, or with too much on your plate (figuratively speaking), it will become exhausting and overwhelming.  I've been too focused on the end goal- I'm going to focus on these smaller increments again.

Break your ultimate goal into small, manageable ones.  Regardless of where you are, you can always move forward.   You can remember that getting exercise in isn't only about going to the gym- get out and enjoy the weather!  Gardening can lend its self to a workout as well, if you have as many weeds in your garden as I do :)

Subsets of smaller goals: write down everything.  I looked back through my last three weeks of journals, and I noticed I've been not writing down anything on weekends.  I know for a fact (since it's been reflected at the scale) that I have not been eating the way I need to- so in accordance with my two pound goal, I also want to write down EVERYTHING, especially on weekends.

I'm not putting a time limit goal on the next two pounds, I'm just going to celebrate when I get there.  And then move on to the next two.

It's Tuesday! Think about what small, slow goals you can put in front of you that you can achieve.

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