Thursday, May 17, 2012

On The Way To Normal

Three days.  The worst.  Pretty satisfying once it was out though...
In an effort to get back into everyday life, I've been coping in a way that really surprised me... gardening?  Yes, folks, black thumb over here has been spending a lot of time in the yard, making it look nice for once.  Weeds be gone!  That plant I don't like?  Sure, I'll spend THREE DAYS digging it up.  Like I said, I'm surprising myself.  Two Saturdays ago, TallBoy and I spent seven hours weeding, edging and mulching the front gardens.  Last night, I spent two hours in one of the back gardens weeding.  I think I'm only a quarter through that one garden.  I've really let the yard go these past few years while focusing on the interior of the house.

Regardless of what may seem like a manic gardening mode, at least it's a productive, healthy way to cope.  Not only am I making my yard healthier and look better, it's also good exercise.  We've gone back to eating fresh grilled food, and my body is THANKING me for it.  I didn't think I'd lose this week, (I have been up by a few pounds on the scale), and I've maintained from the last time I weighed in.  I haven't been tracking the last few weeks, and have been eating like a pig.  I think I expected to have gained ALL the weight back, and am pleased with getting back to what, for me, is a normal weight.  I think all this outdoor time has done me some good.

This week: No Change
This year: -4.6 lbs
Total: -14.2 lbs

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