Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coming up Roses

Maggye and I- Halloween 2003
I had a yearly doc checkup this morning.  Everything is fine with me, don't worry- but I realized that despite recent events, I've had an amazing year since the last time I saw my doctor.  I may not be where I want weight-wise yet, but I have so many things to be thankful for.  On top of all that- a good friend of mine who I've only gotten to see a few times since college is coming to visit this weekend!  I'm so excited I get to show her and her husband around my beloved Cleveland.  We have a trip to the West Side Market planned, tours around Tremont and Ohio City, a visit to my parents house for a bonfire, and a tour of TallBoy's brewery.  Buster will get to play with their dog, Walter- who is roughly horse sized.  Buster loves horse-sized dogs.  That and probably a lot of crying from laughing so hard.  That happens when we get together.  We'll probably talk about our Japanimation Halloween costumes from 2003.  We tend to be ridiculous together.

For weigh in- I had a really good week.  I dropped a little more weight, and have been motivated to get to the gym.  I plan on buying a heart rate monitor soon, so I can more accurately gauge my calorie burn from workouts.  All in all- things are getting better.  I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

This week: -1.2 lbs
This year: -5.8 lbs
Total: -15.4 lbs

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